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K-5 Common Core State Standards in Word Format

This document provides the entire K-5 Common Core State Standards in Word Format for copying and pasting ease.

K-5 CCSS Math Standards (Word)

Major Work of Fourth Grade

Not all of the content in a given grade is emphasized equally in the standards. Some clusters require greater emphasis than others based on the depth of the ideas, the time it takes to master,
and/or their importance to future mathematics. Some things have greater emphasis is not to say that anything in the standards can safely be neglected in instruction. Read more to learn about
the Major Work of the Grade.

Major Work of 4th Grade (Word)

Fourth Grade Common Core State Standards: One Page Layouts

The following documents provide educators with two alternative one-page layouts of the Common Core State Standards.

4th Grade Vertical Layout of CCSS (PDF)
4th Grade Horizontal Layout of CCSS (PDF)

CCSS Overview and Critical Area Learning Description Continuums

CCSS Overview Continuum
CCSS Criteria Area Learning Continuum

Fourth Grade Unpacking Document

Updated July 2013
The Unpacking Documents are designed to help North Carolina educators teach the Common Core State Standards (Standard Course of Study). NCDPI staff are continually updating and improving
these tools to be helpful and specific. We believe that as this document is used, teachers and educators will find ways in which the unpacking can be improved and made ever more useful. Based on your feedback, revisions to this document are made on a continual basis. In order to determine if you have the most current version, please refer to the date located on the first page of the Unpacking Document.

Unpacking 4 July 2013 (Word)
Unpacking 4 July 2013 (PDF)
Unpacking Revisions Table-4 (Word)

Building the Language of Mathematics for Students (Vocabulary)

Mathematically proficient students communicate precisely by engaging in discussions about their reasoning using appropriate mathematical language. The terms students should learn to use at each grade level with increasing precision are included in this document.

Building Vocabulary (Draft 2013-Word)
Building Vocabulary (Draft 2013-PDF)

3-5 Instructional and Assessment Tasks for the CCSS in Mathematics

These state-developed assessment materials are aligned with the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics and may be adopted or modified as appropriate for individual school districts. This resource is currently in draft form, and additional tasks are being developed. The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction appreciates any suggestions and feedback, which will help improve upon this resource.


Lessons for Learning

Selected tasks from the DPI Week-by-Week and Strategies Document rewritten to align to CCSS. This document was created by selecting high leverage tasks from the DPI Week-by-Week and
Strategies for Instruction Documents and rewritten to align to CCSS. These lessons incorporate the Standards for Mathematical Practice to support teachers with the implementation of the content
standards. The intent of this document is not to replace teachers’ resources but be used to support teachers’current resources. Because of the high demand for support materials, a first draft has been posted on the wiki. More of these lessons will be forthcoming. Once additional lessons are written and the documents complete then the documents will be finalized (table of contents, etc…). Thank you for your patience as we continue to work on support materials.

CCSS Lessons for Learning (PDF)
Draft Form - being revised

Fourth Grade Lessons: Fractions
This unit is a collection of high-leverage tasks to assist in building understanding of fractions as described in the CCSS. - great video clips about fractions

Fourth Grade Fraction Lessons (PDF)

Building Conceptual Understanding and Fluency Through Games

These games are aligned to The Common Core State Standards. The intent of this document is to provide students with an opportunity to develop conceptual understanding and computational proficiency. Please feel free to adapt, tweak, or modify the games to meet the needs of your learners!
Please send feedback to or .

New Document: April 1, 2014

4th Grade Games

Academically and Intellectually Gifted Learners

AIG~IRP provides teachers with instructional resources to challenge their advanced learners. These resources bring together gifted education best practices and standards in Mathematics. Teachers developed these resources in partnership with content and gifted education expert.


NCTM 3-5 Navigations Alignment Document

This alignment document highlights lessons within the NCTM Navigations series to the Common Core State Standards.

Navigations - Algebra (Word)
Navigations- Number and Operations (Word)


Additional Math Resources

While not directly aligned to the Common Core State Standards, these resources contain high leverage tasks that could be used to supplement your existing resources.

Math Stars


Problem Solving Decks

Parent Information

These Parent documents provide guidance to parents about what their children will be learning and how they can support that learning. They show how selected standards progress from year to year so that students will be college and career ready upon their graduation from high school.

Parent Road Map Fourth Grade00
Parent Information
National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Family Resources
PTA Parent Guides

NC Assessment Information



Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium
SBAC Sample Assessments

Welcome to the Smarter Balanced Practice Test

NC EOG Information

Released Forms

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