North Carolina Final Exam Indicators Updated September 2015

These instructional resources are intended to help teachers to interpret the objectives from the 2003 SCOS in AFM, Discrete Math and Precalculus. The documents include sample illustrations and vocabulary terms for each objective. Note that these documents are to be used for INSTRUCTIONAL purposes ONLY. While the secondary math consultants at DPI consulted with the Testing & Accountability department to ensure calibration of interpretation of the objectives and consistent representation by the examples, they are NOT possible NCFE assessment items. They are intended to be used as instructional tools to help teachers focus on relevant content within each course given the breadth of the original objectives.
Advanced Functions & Modeling - Updated Sept 2015 (Word)

Advanced Functions & Modeling - Updated Sept 2015 (PDF)
Discrete Mathematics - Updated Sept 2015 (Word)

Discrete Mathematics - Updated Sept 2015 (PDF)
Precalculus - Updated Oct 2015 (Word)

Precalculus - Updated Oct 2015 (PDF)

Math Options Chart (updated August 2018)
This document is to help LEAs and Charter Schools to determine the multiple options for students to meet the secondary math requirements for graduation that are aligned to their post-secondary plans.
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