Math I, Math II, and Math III Information Brochure
This is an information brochure introducing the new North Carolina mathematics pathway, Math I, Math II, and Math III. We encourage you to copy and disseminate the brochure as you work with your schools, students, and parents to understand this transition and the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics

High School Mathematics Sequence and Standards
This page defines the three Common Core State Standards high school course sequences offered in North Carolina. Each sequence satisfies the first three math credits necessary to meet the Future Ready Core Graduation Requirements

Math I, Math II, and Math III Unpacking Documents
This page contains documents that assist with understanding and interpreting the intent and depth of the Common Core State Standards.

Alignment Documents

This page contains documents that align the Math I, Math II, and Math III sequence to the traditional Common Core courses adapted from Appendix A as well as the Math I, Math II, and Math III sequence aligned to Core-Plus Mathematics.

Math I, II, and III Quick Views

This page contains horizontal and vertical layouts quick views of the Math I, II, and III standards as defined by North Carolina for every student.

Major Work of High School

This document identifies the content emphases by cluster for each high school theme as defined by North Carolina. Some clusters require greater emphasis than others based on the depth of the ideas, the time they take to master, and/or their importance to future mathematics or the demands of college and career readiness. An intense focus on the most critical material at each level allows depth in learning, which is carried out through the Standards for Mathematical Practice. Without such focus, attention to the practices would be difficult and unrealistic, as would best practices such as formative assessment.

College and Career Ready Graduation Requirements (Coming Soon)
This document defines requirements necessary to graduate "College and Career Ready" from North Carolina Public Schools

Alternate Mathematics
This page contains the SCoS for Alternate Mathematics I and II, formally known as Applied Mathematics I and II. These courses are also appropriate for substitution students or students affected by by N.C.G.S. 115C-81(b).

2003 Standard Course of Study

This page contains the 2003 SCoS for high school mathematics. This document will be available until the state has completely transitioned over to the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics.

CCSSM High School Web Resources

This document contains a recommended list of websites that align to the CCSSM.

High School Webinars

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